The student representative council “SRC” is a team of students from each year level, who join together as one to gather ideas, and implement them to improve our school’s events, structure, and social environment. We also raise money for the school and various charities. The SRC is only one of the opportunities students have for 'student voice and agency'.

The School Captains and Vice Captains are the leaders inside this hard working team of volunteers.  They are assisted and directed by a designated member of staff. Together, they organise the meetings, the finer details of every event. The school captains also represent the student body the school council to help set the direction of the school and consider all ideas from the SRC representatives, the school and the broader community for improvement ideas.

The SRC have done many things over the past few years, including investing in a basketball ring/area, the food heating appliances,  organising socials, dress up/casual days and pancake days, just to name a few.

SRC is fun, as well as an amazing learning experience for those who attend and put their full potential into improving this school. SRC is always looking for new recruits as the change of the student leadership in the school occurs in Term 3 each year; we encourage all students interested in the SRC to be a part of it and take the opportunity to develop leadership and other interpersonal skills.