Young Achiever Awards

Our student award program is based on the need for our students to be rewarded for their achievements and progressions, and to encourage them to continue with such practices throughout their school experience.

​The Young Achiever Awards are based on our five school values - Respect, Excellence and Resilience. Students who demonstrate any of these values within the college can be awarded a Young Achiever Award.


We are considerate in our treatment of others and the environment. We are able to reflect and respond honestly on our words, actions and learning.


We strive to be our personal best and aim for improvement all aspects of school and community life.


We take responsibility for our learning, words and actions, and approach challenges with a positive attitude. We persevere and seek support to achieve success and adapt to change.

Values Unpacked


  • Being kind and patient

  • Liking who l am

  • Wearing the correct school uniform with pride

  • Active listening and valuing others’ contributions

  • Speaking politely and using manners

  • Positive engagement in learning

  • Being fair and inclusive

  • Creating a safe environment

  • Following school rules

  • Telling the truth and being trustworthy

  • Being an ‘upstander’

  • Taking responsibility for feedback


  • Achieving your highest result

  • Giving everything your best effort

  • Consistently following the Learning Practices and School-Wide Positive Behaviours

  • Demonstrating continual growth and improvement

  • Responding positively to feedback

  • Representing your school with pride

  • Learning from the best

  • Being a leader and having the capacity to lead others


  • Doing the best l can

  • Trying something again in order to improve

  • Believing in my own abilities

  • Striving to meeting my goals

  • Asking for help to make improvements socially, emotionally and in my learning

  • Listening to and acting on advice

  • Learning from and acting on mistakes

  • Working independently to find solutions

The teacher will give the award (certificate) directly to the student. The number of awards a student receives is recorded over the year and major milestones reached will be acknowledged at general assemblies.

Based on a single school year, there are four levels of awards:

​Bronze Award - upon attaining 10 individual awards, students are presented with a bronze medallion at assembly.

​Silver Award - upon attaining 20 individual awards, students are presented with a silver medallion at assembly.

​Gold Award - upon attaining 30 individual awards, students are presented with a gold medallion at assembly.

Platinum Awards are given to students who achieve 40 individual awards over the year. The award is presented at Presentation Night at the end of the year, and students are awarded a certificate and a glass, engraved trophy.

Principal's Award - this is selected by the Principal and is awarded to a student who exemplifies our school values in all aspects of school life. This financial award is presented at our annual Presentation Night in December.