The Careers Office encompasses various programs in relation to student pathways and transition.  Structured Work Placement, Work Experience and Vocational Education and Training (VET) are programs managed through the Careers Office.

A variety of information is also available from the office including:

•    University Courses

•    TAFE Courses

•    VET Courses – available in Year 10, 11 & 12

•    School-Based Apprenticeships – combining an apprenticeship with school, up to two days per week with an employer

•    Subject selection for VCE in line with a chosen course

•    Work Placement – required when completing a Vocational Major/Victorian Pathways Certificate (VM/VPC) Course

•    Work Experience – for Year 10 & 11 students

•    Local job vacancy information

Students in years 9-12 complete a Career Action plan, reviewed twice per year to support them in choosing subjects, a career pathway, structured workplace learning, and then ultimately university courses/apprenticeships/ traineeships. Support is given specifically at year 9 in PC classes to help students select VCE units for the following year. Year 9 students complete the Morrisby Assessment.

Students have exposure to several university visits throughout the year, both excursions and incursions including attending the Annual Western Victorian Careers Expo at the Longerenong Events Centre.

Warracknabeal Secondary College is one of a cluster of 13 schools in the Wimmera Mallee area that offer students in year 10, 11 & 12 VET (Vocational Educational Training) subjects throughout the year.

Courses Offered are:

Further information can be found on the VET page.

Structured Workplace Learning is offered to students starting in Year 10 as a work experience placement and then through Year 11 & 12 through their VM/VPC program. There are three options offered to students to complete Workplace Learning depending on the VCE/VM/VPC/VET Program that they are completing at year 10-12. DET Policy Guidelines must be adhered to for each Workplace Learning Option prior, during, and following the period of Work Placement.

Work Experience is offered for year 10 & 11 students. A Work Experience Handbook which has information on why, how and where of Work Experience will be handed out to relevant students. All students will be expected to complete at least a week of Work Experience in both year 10 and year 11.  

As part of the students VM/VPC course, there is a requirement of participating in one day a week employment in an area aligned with either their current VET course or their chosen career pathway. Work placement is a great way of exploring new career choices and building relationships with local employers. You never know where these opportunities can lead!!! 

​If you require further information, please contact the Careers Advisor Melissa Haby at the College.