Acceptable Use of Technology

There is an expectation that students will use technology responsibly and respectfully. At enrollment, students and parent/carer are required to read and agree to an acceptable use agreement. This agreement includes an adherence to our policies (and legal obligations) relating to the use of the internet, social media and devices.

See our School Website Policies Page for the Digital Technologies Policy.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program

Warracknabeal Secondary College requires students to provide and bring their own Notebook to school.

When looking at an appropriate device, there are a few crucial decisions to consider, these are;

Battery Life

Anything with a Powerful Graphics Card or High-End CPU will reduce battery life considerably. We recommend not purchasing a Gaming style notebook as these are often bulky and power-hungry.

WSC recommends the use of an Ultrabook style Notebook. These are designed to be compact, energy-efficient, powerful notebooks, allowing the device to operate for at least 4 hours on a single battery charge without compromising performance.

If you have a notebook that has poor battery life, a charging station will be available in the Library at Lunchtime, but you must supply your charger; alternatively, replacement batteries are available online for under or around $40

Carrying Notebooks

The use of protective cases and notebook bags is highly recommended. Bags are not supplied by WSC but are available from most Computer Retailers. A padded and reinforced style bag is recommended as neoprene skins, and lightweight bags do not protect your Notebook well.

As a recommendation, choose a notebook with a 13 to 14-inch screen. These are about the same size and shape as schoolbooks and folders and lighter than larger sizes.

Backup and External Storage

It is HIGHLY recommended that students have an external storage device for keeping their work backed up. This could be in the form of a USB Thumb Drive or an External USB hard drive. Backup should be made on any relevant data and should be checked regularly.

Software Support

​We offer initial software support, installing the applications that you need at the College. These include MS Office 365, antivirus and antimalware tools, and other applications required by subjects taught. Because the College has BYOD licenced software, we have various licensed programs compatible with most Windows and Apple notebooks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with the WSC IT Team for assistance, we are happy to help!

Recommended Specifications

  • Intel i3, i5 or AMD Ryzen 3 and Ryzen 5 U series (Processor)

For Example, i3-1115G4 and Ryzen 3 5300u

  • 8GB of RAM (Memory)

  • 250GB Solid State Hard Drive (SSD)

  • 13-14” Screen Size

  • Lightweight and Thin Chassis

Minimum Specifications / Older Hardware­­

  • 2nd Generation i3 CPU or better (Processor)

  • 4GB of RAM (Memory)

  • 120GB Solid State Hard Drive (SSD)