Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE)

Warracknabeal Secondary College offers a flexible three-year VCE program.  In Years 10 and 11, students will study both Unit 1 or 2 over the entire year, and then study the other Unit in the second year.  The exception to this is for Unit 1 & 2 English and General Mathematics, which are studied in one year at Year 11.

Teaching Units 1 & 2 over two years has two distinct advantages: one, it provides students with the opportunity to ensure their VCE subject selections suit their interests and career pathways, and secondly; it allows students to be further supported and accelerated in their studies.  As a result many students study an accelerated program at our college and the three-year VCE program allows this to occur with greater flexibility. There are also opportunities for students to attempt Unit 3/4 studies at Year 11.

Combining Year 10 and 11 students in Units 1 & 2 allows a significant variety of subjects to be offered at a VCE level.  In addition, smaller class sizes in Unit 3 & 4 classes allow the development of stronger relationships and a greater opportunity to support student one to one.  Many teachers also offer extra support outside of class time in the form of extra classes in the morning, lunchtime or after school.

Study Hall is another important tool used on Wednesday’s which also coincides with Vocational Education and Training (VET) program.  Non-VET students are provided with a structured and supervised environment where they focus on exam preparation in the form of pre-prepared exam style questions, study skills, and an opportunity for private study.  Study Hall also offers opportunities to hear from a variety of guest speakers, including a range of local professionals and past students.

The VCE/VCAL curriculum is supported by the Senior School Policy.

Subjects Currently Offered

Year 10-11 VCE

Unit 1&2 English

Unit 1&2 Foundation English (VCAL)

​Unit 1&2 Literature

Unit 1&2 Foundation Mathematics

Unit 1&2  General Mathematics

Unit 1&2 Maths Methods

Unit 1&2 Chemistry

Unit 1&2 Physics

Unit 1&2 Biology

Unit 1&2 Psychology

Unit 1&2 Health and Human Development

Unit 1&2 Physical Education

Unit 1&2 Outdoor and Environmental Studies

Unit 1&2 Industry and Enterprise

Unit 1&2 Product Design and Technology

Unit 1&2 Studio Arts

Unit 1&2 Visual Communication and Design 

Year 12 VCE

Unit 3&4 English

Unit 3&4 Maths Methods

Unit 3&4 Further Maths

Unit 3&4 Specialist Maths

Unit 3&4 Chemistry

Unit 3&4 Physics

Unit 3&4 Biology

Unit 3&4 Media (Distance Ed.)

Unit 3&4 Health and Human Development

Unit 3&4 Physical Education

Unit 3&4 Outdoor and Environmental Studies

Unit 3&4 Industry and Enterprise

Unit 3&4 Product Design and Technology

Unit 3&4 Studio Arts

Unit 3&4 Visual Communication and Design